Paperless Applicant Tracking System at Leon County Schools in Florida

The fields labeled with are required to complete this transaction; other fields are optional.

"User Name" Information
Your "User Name" will be comprised of your first name + middle initial (if entered) + last name. (Example, Mary A Smith or Bob Jones).
First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Contact Information
This section is to collect information about you in the event we need to contact you. We will not pass this information on to other individuals or companies.
E-mail address is not required in order to apply, but is recommended.  You may go to Yahoo (Click here) to receive a free email account from Yahoo.
E-mail Address:
Confirm E-mail Address:
If you have no e-mail address, please leave "none" in field.
Phone number:
(999) 999-9999 ext 9999
General Registration Information
This section allows you to create your "Password" and "Challenge Word." "Passwords" ARE [case sensitive - be sure to remember whether you use upper and/or lower case letters.</font>]
(minimum of 3 characters).
Example: pats
Confirm Password:
(minimum of 3 characters).
Example: pats
Challenge Word:
Needed in case you forget your "Password."
Example: your mother's maiden name Smith

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